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Automobile Accident?


MPI Claims Department

In Province:  1-800-665-2410

Out of Province:  1-800-661-6051 

Drivers Ed


Drivers Ed Course Finder

To sign up for Drivers Ed please bring the following documents:

- Birth Certificate, Citizenship Card, or Passport

- MB Health Card or Bank Statement with a current address

- A completed Guarantor Form
Registration for the 2019/2020 Fall Class will open on August 19, 2019


Changing Vehicle Ownership

While there are exemptions, these are the documents used to change the ownership of most vehicles.

  • Off Road Vehicles only require a bill of sale
  • Trailers do not require safety's for registration, but may require one for transportation on public roadways.
  • PST (7%) may collected when registering your vehicle for the first time.  If you have sold a vehicle within 6 months of the purchase date you can apply for a PST rebate on the lesser bill of sale price.  Bring in both Bill of Sales when registering the vehicle for the first time to apply, or complete and mail in a RST Refund Request Form.